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Shut down. Door closed. Moved Out. Gone. How in God's name

did that just happen? I had fallen and literally did not think I

was going to get back up. Once again the thought of me having

my own crossed my mind. But I couldn't do that! I just failed

at it the first time and the funds were NOT there. I have a family.

I simply can not continue to quit jobs and put all of this burden

on my husband. So, I had a LONG talk with God.


I started meditating and working on the life I wanted

for myself and for my family. I started to work on my relationship

with God. The more and more I worked on my

relationship with Him the more he showed me the door he

closed was for my protection. That was never my door to

begin with.


Nine months later I signed the lease to my cosmetic store

with God on one side and my husband on the other. This is

only the BEGINNING of my story.

Meet the Owner and Creator of The House of Flawless

Makeup and Beauty Lounge.




ALL PREORDERS WILL BE SHIPED ON FEB 10, 2021 autographed and with Special Gifts inside!!! 

I may Not be Perfect but my Lipstick is! Autographed Copy

  • ALL PREORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED ON FEB 10,2021 autographed and special gifts inside!!! 

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